The Solution to Media Buying Transparency & Global Ad Fraud

Blockchain4Media (B4M) intercedes on behalf of advertisers and brands to provide visibility into the detail of programmatic media buys at the ad placement level. B4M helps brands ensure they are paying for ads that are seen by and engaged with by human beings and not bots or bot farms.

Why Blockchain4Media

  • Digital advertising has become one of the largest, most profitable industries in the world and is projected to exceed $357 Billion globally by 2020
  • Digital ad fraud is on pace to exceed $22 Billion by 2020
  • Digital advertisers have no good defense against fraud
  • Ad placement platforms have little incentive to detect or combat fraud
  • Fraud continues to rise despite industry attempts to stop it
  • Advertisers need an unbiased intermediary to validate ad purchases that:
    • Confirms ads are actually viewed or engaged with by humans
    • Validates the ad actually was placed and provide transparent confirmation of placement for the advertiser

How it Works

Blockchain4Media uses AI and blockchain distributed ledger technology to validate that digital ad buys are made and viewed or engaged with by humans. Blockchain4Media detects human engagement versus fake bots and bot farm engagement with ads.

Advertisers and brands are assured their ads are seen by humans and their advertising dollars are being invested the way they were intended.

Industry Impact

Brands and advertisers are continuing to invest more money in digital advertising year-over-year at an exponential rate. However, with ad fraud increasing at such an alarming rate; they are not seeing an equivalent return on their investment.
Blockchain4Media drives up the effectiveness of media investments by ensuring ads are seen by consumers and not bots. Blockchain4Media reverses the loss of media investments to fraudulent and invalid traffic, non-validated end-users, and fake web domains.

78% of brand marketers are concerned with ad fraud and bot traffic according to a recent survey by MyersBizNet

CPMH® is a proprietary trademarked blockchain AI protocol for advertisers & publishers created by the BLOCKCHAIN4MEDIA team. Our technology ensures that you have complete visibility into individual ad placement level details. Optimize campaigns & pay only for ads that are being served to and actually seen by verified humans. Drive up viewability, reduce fraud and maximize your marketing ROI with Blockchain4Media.

Meet The Team

LuRae Lumpkin

Having worked for the largest agency in the world in NYC and launched digital advertising campaigns in over 100 countries and 42 different languages, LuRae has a deep knowledge of media buying across technology platforms and geographies. Her experience with Fortune 500 brands and the inner working of advertising, marketing & business around the world, combined with her passion for the blockchain space; led her to pursue a solution to correct a now fraud ridden advertising industry.

Jack Malinowsk

After 13 years of working on IT projects including 10 years as co-founder and CTO of his own firm, Jack has delivered many projects for clients using a wide variety of new technologies. He can best be described as a fan of technology and is always on the lookout for the next big thing. Having validated many new technologies, Jack is a true believer in Blockchain and will bring his software architecture and technology experience to work in developing Blockchain projects.

Michal Jankowski

As a co-founder of an IT firm, Michal has many years of experience closing technology deals, developing IT projects for clients, and managing business relationships. His expertise in database and software architecture as well as Cloud solutions will be a great asset in developing Blockchain solutions for clients and migrating them to the Cloud. Over the years, Michal has seen many technologies come and go, but after evaluating Blockchain, he is convinced this will be a leading technology for years to come.

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